A New Beginning

By: Richard D Phillips


Chapter 1


Captain’s Log Stardate: 53032.9


     The Texas will be transporting an ambassador to Mozalzo.  Commander Brooks and I will be leaving the ship.  Lieutenant Commander Jones will be in charge of the ship.


     “Captain, we will arrive in 36 hours.  Your transport ship will arrive in 11 hours,” reported Ensign Murphy.

     “Sensors are picking up three Dominion ships in our path,” reported Jones.

     “Set a course for them.  I want to see how the peace treaty is working,” ordered Leno.

     “We will arrive to the ships in 43 minutes,” reported Murphy.

     “They are leaving the area,” stated Jones.

     “Continue on course.”

     Captain Leno returned to his quarters to finish packing.  Kamara and Ben Leno walked in.

     “We are finished packing.  How much longer before the transport ship arrives?” asked Ben.

     “It will arrive in seven hours,” answered Leno.

     “I’m going to the lounge.”

     Ben went t the lounge to get something to eat.


* * *


     “Captain, your transport is arriving to the ship,” reported Murphy.

     “We are on our way to the transporter room now.”

     Captain Leno and his family were transported to the ship that would take them to Earth.

     “Commander, the Captain, Ben, and Kamara have been transported.  We can continue with the mission,” reported Jones.

     “Continue on course, maximum warp,” ordered Brooks.

     “Commander, your shuttle is ready,” reported Ensign Wilson.

     “I’ll go in a few minutes.  Computer, transfer all command codes to Lieutenant Commander Larry Jones, authorization Brooks 2-Alpha-117.

     “Command codes transferred,” reported the computer.

     Commander Brooks headed for the shuttlebay.  He packed the shuttle with this things.  He started the shuttle’s engines and left the ship.

     “Commander Brooks has cleared the ship,” reported Lieutenant Don Ray.

     “We will to Mozalzo in 17 hours,” reported Murphy.

     “Please send for Counselor Donald,” requested Jones.

     “She is on her way,” answered Ray.

     Counselor Donald finished with her patient and went to the Main Bridge.


Second’s Officer’s Log Stardate: 53047.2


     We are continuing course to Mozalzo, where Ambassador Levoz will settle a peace agreement.  He has transported to the Texas from his transfer ship.


     “The transfer ship has left orbit and continuing to Vulcan,” reported Ray.

     Lieutenant Commander Jones went to the lounge and sat down at a table.

     “How are you doing?” asked Chef Logan.

     “Good.  How about you?”

     “Fine.  Have you heard the rumor around the ship?”

     “No.  What is it?”

     “Captain Leno will be giving promotions when he returns in a few weeks.”

     “That is quite possible.  He was working on something before he left.”

     “What would you like to order?”

     “A cup of coffee.”

     Chef Logan went to the kitchen and brought out a cup of coffee.

     “There is a minor problem with the replicators,” stated Logan.

     “I will have Lieutenant Commander Hall check it out,” stated Jones, leaving the lounge and heading for Main Engineering.

     “There is a problem with the replicators in the lounge,” stated Jones.

     “We are having problems with all the replicators,” responded Hall.

     “Take them off-line and begin repairs.”

     Lieutenant Commander Jones returned to the Main Bridge.  He sat down.

     “The repairs to the replicators will take six hours,” reported Wilson.

     “Chef Logan and the staff will be busy for the next few hours,” stated Logan.

Chapter 2


Captain Leno’s transport ship was arriving to Earth.  The captain’s family was having a reunion.


Captain Alex Leno’s Personal Log Stardate: 53056.4


     The family’s reunion will be in a few days.


     “Captain Leno, we are arriving to Earth in 11 minutes,” reported Lieutenant Stavok.

     The U.S.S. Destiny continued its course to Earth.  Captain Leno, Kamara, and Ben were transported to the surface and the Destiny continued on its course.

     “The Destiny will pick us up on the way back to the Texas,” stated Leno, as the three began to walk up to his mother’s house.

     “Why isn’t the door unlocked?” asked Ben.

     “I don’t know.  I have a key to the house in my suitcase,” answered Leno, beginning to get the key out.

     He opened the door and sat his stuff down on the floor.

     “Grandma isn’t home,” stated Ben.

     “She didn’t leave any notes either,” added Kamara.

     “I’m going to bring up her logs,” stated Leno.

     “The power system is off and the replicator isn’t working either,” stated Ben.

     “Which means I can’t access the computer.  The first thing we need to do is to get power restored.”

     “There might be a backup generator in the basement.”

     “I’ll go and check,” stated Kamara.

     Kamara went to the basement, however, she didn’t locate the backup generator.

     “What do we do now?” asked Ben.

     Captain Leno and Kamara went out to look for Mrs. Leno while Ben stayed at the house looking for clues to his grandmother’s disappearance.

     “She might of been assigned to a mission,” stated Kamara.

     “I will contact Starfleet when we get back.  She always has a communication unit in her bedroom,” answered Leno.

     Captain Leno and Kamara returned to the house, however, Ben didn’t have an answer.

     “I have contacted Starfleet.  She hasn’t had a mission in over three months,” stated Leno.


Captain Alex Leno’s Personal Log Stardate: 53059.7


     We are no closer in solving the mystery of where my mother is.


     “I should have power back in 20 minutes,” stated Ben.

     “Any word from Starfleet?” asked Kamara.

     “Not yet.  I’m still waiting.  The rest of the family will be here shortly,” answered Leno.

     “The first shuttle will arrive in 40 minutes,” stated Ben.

     “Where could she be?  She always tells me if she isn’t going to be home before I get here.”

     “Main power is coming back,” stated Ben.

     “The computer is resetting itself,” stated Kamara.

     “All systems functioning,” reported the computer.

     Captain Leno walked over to keypad.

     “She left six days ago, and was to be back two hours ago.  The power system failed right before we got here,” stated Leno.

     “That leaves one thing, where is her ship?” asked Ben.

     “Alex, a shuttle is landing in the yard,” stated Kamara.

     “Isn’t that your parents’ shuttle?”

     “It is.  They must be coming to the reunion.”

     “Dad, grandma is on the shuttle.”

     “I’ve contacted Starfleet,” stated Leno.

     Mrs. Leno, Mr. Harkins, and Kemara came walking through the door.

     “You could of left a note,” stated Leno.

     “I didn’t have the time.  I had to rush out.  I was meeting Mr. Harkins and Kemara on their shuttle.”

     “Ben repaired the power system.  It failed right before we arrived.”

     “It should be up and running,” added Ben.

     “When is the rest of the family coming?” asked Mrs. Leno.

     “They should be arriving in a few minutes,” answered Kamara.


Captain Alex Leno’s Personal Log Stardate: 53060.2


     The mystery of mother’s disappearance has been solved.  She went to meet Kamara’s parents.


Chapter 3


     “Commander, we are arriving to the coordinates.  The ambassador is beaming aboard,” reported Ray.

     “We are continuing to the planet,” reported Murphy.

     “We will arrive in six hours,” reported Wilson.


Second Officer’s Log Stardate: 53062.9


     We have picked up Ambassador Levoz and have continued to Mozalzo.


     “Commander, we are arriving to the planet.  Lieutenant Dayan has gathered a security team to escort the ambassador to the surface,” reported Murphy.

     “The away team is ready to beam down to the planet,” reported Ray.

     “Beam them to the surface once we are in orbit,” ordered Jones.


* * *


     “The ambassador reports that the mission is proceeding well,” reported Ray.

     “Commander, Lieutenants Dayan and Nash are missing,” reported Wilson.

     “Just what I need.  I take command of the ship and members of the crew are missing,” stated Jones.

     “It could be worse.  The ship could come up missing,” stated Murphy.

     “This isn’t funny.”

     “Should additional security teams be sent to the planet?” asked Ray.

     “Give me a few minutes.  I want more facts before I make a decision,” stated Jones, walking towards the ready room.

     Lieutenant Commander Jones brought up a map of the planet along with the history of the crewmembers sent to the planet.

     “Lieutenant Ray, send four teams of six people to the following coordinates,” ordered Jones, sending Ray the coordinates.

     “The teams have been sent to the planet.”

     “Keep me notified. I’m going to check up on the condition of the mission.”


* * *


     On the planet, the planet’s government offices were holding Lieutenant Dayan and Nash.

     “What are we being held for?” asked Dayan.

     “We are testing the Federation,” stated Governor Dacket.

     “The peace mission were automatically fail and will start a war.  You should never done this,” stated Nash.

     “We will see,” stated Dacket, leaving the room.

     “We must find a way to contact the ship,” stated Dayan.

     “The area is heavily shield from communication,” stated Nash.

     “This can’t start a war with this planet.”

* * *


     “We have traced the steps of Nash and Dayan.  They were captured by the planet’s government,” reported Ray.

     “I want conformation of this.  This could start a war,” ordered Jones.

     “It has been confirmed,” reported Wilson.

     “Hail the government.”

     “Ready,” stated Ray.

     “On screen.  How dare you take members of my crew!  Return them at once!”

     “We do not know what you are talking about,” stated Dacket.

     “We will see.  Red alert.  Start firing reduced phasers at the office where Nash and Dayan are.”

     “You can’t do that.”

     “Their ships will intercept the Texas in three minutes,” reported Ray.

     “They there are.  Sensors have picked up their communications,” stated Wilson.

     “Do we have a lock on them?” asked Jones.

     “No, we have to go into the planet’s atmosphere,” answered Murphy.

     “How much?”

     “Not much.  About 40,000 kilometers.”

     “Do it.  Beam them aboard once we have a lock on them.”

     “We are in range.  We have them,” reported Wilson.

     “Are the ships still coming towards us?”

     “Sensors are picking up four ships coming directly toward us,” reported Ray.

     “We have the rest of the away team,” stated Wilson.

Chapter 4


     Commander Brooks was arriving to Yayula, where he would meet up with his family.  He hadn’t seen them in over four years.

     He slowly began to descend into the planet’s atmosphere.  He rose the shielding due to the atmosphere.  He safely made it to the surface.  He began walking to his parents’ house.

     “He’s here!” exclaimed Mrs. Brooks.

     “It’s about time,” stated Mr. Brooks.

     “I’ve been busy in the last few years,” protested Brooks.

     “Don’t mind him.  He’s been in a bad mood since he go up,” stated Mrs. Brooks.

     “I’m going to go unpack, because this suitcase is heavy.”

     Commander Brooks left the room and went to the guest bedroom upstairs.

     “He wants something from us,” stated Mr. Brooks.

     “He does not,” answered Mrs. Brooks.

     “Would you two stop arguing?  I left the ship to be with you both.  Not to here you two shout at each other!” shouted Brooks.

     “Fine,” stated Mr. Brooks leaving the room.

     “Where has he gone?” asked Brooks.

     “Downstairs.  That is where he goes when he is mad,” answered Mrs. Brooks.

     “I have tried to come.  You two weren’t even at my promotion.”

     “We couldn’t make it.”

     “That is why I couldn’t get here.  This place is a long ways away from where we fighting the Dominion.”

     “What about that ship you were on before?”

     “We were on a long-term scientific mission.”

     “I know it is hard to get away from the ship.”

     “I’m going to finish unpacking.  I’m staying at least a week, longer if I don’t get called by the ship.”

     “It will be a great week, with or without your dad.”

     “Let him calm down for a while,” stated Brooks, leaving the room.

     Mrs. Brooks went downstairs to talk to her husband.

     “Why are you being so hard on Mike.  You haven’t seen him in over four years and you are acting terrible.  That is your son!” exclaimed Mrs. Brooks.

     “He hasn’t been here for four years and you expect me to be nice!” shouted Mr. Brooks.

     “Stop shouting.  You are upsetting Mike.”

     “I don’t care.”


Commander Mike Brooks’ Personal Log Stardate: 53067.2


     Since I arrived two days ago, my parents have continued to argue.  My dad has a problem with me coming to visit.  I won’t stand for the fighting any longer.


Chapter 5


     “Commander, Governor Dacket is upset and has contacted Starfleet Command,” reported Ray.

     “The peace mission in failing,” stated Wilson.

     “Admiral Solavo is hailing.”

     “On screen.”

     “What is the current situation? 
     “Governor Dacket has contacted me.  I don’t believe what he is telling me,” stated Solavo.

     “He kidnapped two members of my crew.  I was doing what I had to get back me crew.”

     “I understand. Did you charge weapons at the planet?”

     “I had Lieutenant Ray fire reduced phasers at the building that held Lieutenants Dayan and Nash.”

     “That is what I thought.  Dacket said that you fired photon torpedoes on houses and businesses.”

     “The peace mission is the final stages of failing.”

     “Pull out.  Beam the ambassador and any other members of your crew down there.”

     “I will begin right away having them transported to the ship.”

     “I have sent a new mission to the ambassador.  The Texas is to leave the system at once.  If they give you any problems, don’t hesitate to protect the ship.”

     “I will contact you once we have left the system.”

     “Solavo out.”

     “We will have the rest of the away teams back within two minutes,” reported Wilson.


Second Officer’s Log Stardate: 53068.7


     The peace mission has failed.  We are proceeding with our next mission ahead of schedule.


     “Commander, the Mozalz ships are following us in attack formation,” reported Ray.

     “Red alert.  I don’t want a battle,” stated Jones.

     “We can’t escape,” reported Murphy.

     “Open a channel.”

     “They are responding.”

     “Fire warning signals at the ships.”

     “A battle can not be prevented,” reported Wilson.

     “I will make sure it is prevented, Ensign Murphy, proceed to Warp 9.8.”

     “They are firing torpedoes at the Texas,” reported Ray.

     “Evasive maneuvers.”

     “Minor damage to the ship,” reported Wilson.

     “We are leaving the system,” reported Murphy.

     “We will meet up with the transport ship in four hours,” reported Ray.

     Lieutenant Commander Jones went to the lounge to relax.  The Mozalz ship decided to return home.

     “You win and lose some,” stated Logan.

     “It was working until they kidnapped Dayan and Nash,” stated Jones.

     “At least they have safely returned.  Are you worried about any problems from Starfleet Command.”

     “Admiral Solavo understands what I have done and why I did it.”

     “Would you like anything to eat or drink?”

     “Strawberry ice cream with a cherry on top.”

     “You must be depressed.  You only order that when you are having a hard time.”

     “You know me too well.”

     Counselor Donald walked in.

     “May I sit here?” asked Donald.

     “Go ahead.  What do you need?”

     “I’m just checking to make sure.  Your first mission as acting captain didn’t go well,” stated Donald.

     “I’m fine.  I’m not worried.  It wasn’t my fault,” answered Jones.

     “I was checking.  It was your first mission.”

     “I have to return to the bridge,” stated Jones, taking his ice cream with him.

     Lieutenant Commander Jones returned to the Main Bridge.  He went into the ready room.  Lieutenant Ray walked in.

     “We are arriving to Halol.  The Halolian ships are greeting us,” stated Ray.

     “They are hailing us,” reported Wilson, on the communication system.

     “I will take it here,” stated Jones, as Lieutenant Ray was leaving the room.

     “Where is Captain Leno?” asked Emperor Bovla.

     “He is on vacation.  I will be his replacement for this mission.”

     “That will be acceptable.”

     “I will be beaming to the surface within the hour.”

     “I will be waiting.”

Chapter 6


     “How many of the family have arrived?” asked Leno.

     “All of them,” answered Mrs. Leno.

     “When is it going to begin?” asked Mary Leno-Slater.

     “Just as soon as I can finish preparing this meal.”

     “We are running out of appetizers,” stated Leno.

     “Paula,” called Kamara.

     “Yes, what do you need?” answered Mrs. Leno.

     “We have run out of punch.”

     “There is some more on the back table.  Can you put it out for me?”

     “Give me a minute.  I have to work through the crowd.”

     Kamara brought out some of the punch from the back table to the serving table.

     “That punch won’t last long,” stated Leno.

     “Then, go get some more,” answered Kamara.

     Captain Leno brought out another bowl of punch.

     “That should last at least a minute,” stated Kamara.

     Mrs. Leno brought out the rest of the food.  She stopped to talk to her son, Admiral Scott Leno.

     “How are you doing?” asked Mrs. Leno.

     “Fine.  It was a great idea having this reunion.”

     “Alex, you have an communication from Yayula,” stated Kamara.

     “Yayula?  That is probably Commander Brooks.  His family lives there.”

     Captain Leno went inside and up the stairs to the communication panel.  He turned it on.

     “What is wrong?” asked Leno.

     “My parents.  All they do is argue with each other.  Dad is mad that I came to visit,” stated Brooks.

     “It sounds like a bad vacation.”

     “Trust me.  It is.  I can’t get dad to stop arguing with mom or me.  On the lighter side, the Texas has proceeded with the next mission.”

     “We have a longer distance to travel to get back to the ship.”

     “I have to get going.”

     “I’ll see you in a few weeks.”

     Captain Leno returned to the reunion.

     “How is Mike?” asked Kamara.

     “Not well.  His parents continue to argue.  He isn’t having a good time.  He might return early to the ship.”

      “That is such a shame.”

     “Ben,” called Mrs. Leno.

     “What do you need, grandma?”

     “The backup generator has gone on.”

     “I will go check it.”

     Ben went to the basement to check out the power system.  He fixed the computer.

     “There was a problem with the computer.  It wasn’t with the power system,” stated Ben.

     “Thank you, Ben.”

     “You’re welcome.  I’m going back outside.  Have you seen dad?”

     “He is over there next to your uncle.”

     Ben went back outside.  He walked over to his dad.

     “Were you able to repair it?” asked Scott.

     “Not a problem.  The diagnostic incorrectly scanned the system.  I had to reset a portion of the computer,” answered Ben.

     “Can’t even take a vacation,” stated Mary.

     “Are you bothering him?” asked Commander Paul Slater, Mary’s husband.

     “She isn’t bothering me,” stated Ben.

     “Where is Cindy?” asked Leno.

     “Over there by Uncle Marvin.”

     Captain Leno walked up to his daughter and brother, Marvin Leno.

     “Hi, dad.  I’ve been meaning to make my way over there,” stated Leno.

     “And Uncle Marvin stopped you,” stated Leno.

     “No, big brother.  She walked up to me.”

     “How are you doing?”

     “Fine.  It was nice of grandma to have a reunion,” stated Cindy.

     “She wanted to do this months ago, but with the war, she couldn’t do it,” stated Marvin.

     “Are you talking about the war?” asked Scott.

     “We were just talking about how mom wanted this reunion months ago but couldn’t do it with the war,” answered Leno.

     “She told me about that.”

     “Alex, how did the Texas make out in the war?” asked Marvin.

     “It was damaged.  It needed repairs at a starbase.”

     “I would like to thank all the family for coming.  I wish we could of had this reunion earlier, but we couldn’t.  We haven’t been together since 2372,” stated Mrs. Leno.

     “Has it been that long?” asked Ben.

     “It was right after you grandfather died,” answered Leno.

Chapter 7


Commander’s Mike Brooks’ Personal Log Stardate: 53073.0


     I have been able to get my parents to stop fighting.  They are going to see a counselor.  I will be leaving later today.


     “I wish you wouldn’t leave so soon,” stated Mrs. Brooks.

     “I have to.  I can’t stand the fighting.  I want to return to the ship.”

     “I will miss you.”

     “I know.  I will be back.”

     Commander Brooks loaded up his shuttle with his belongings.  His father came to the shuttle.

     “I am so sorry for ruining your vacation,” stated Mr. Brooks.

     “I understand, however, I will be coming back much more often,” stated Brooks.

     “I guess you have to get going.”

     “I have to be back to the ship in a few days.”

     “Please come back soon.  I have missed you.”

     “Don’t worry.  I will be back in a few months.”

     “Have a safe trip.”

     “Where is mom.”

     “I’m right here.”

     “Don’t cry mom.  I’ll be back.”

     Commander Brooks said goodbye to his parents and got on his shuttle.  He sat a course for the Texas.

     He began to think about his parents.  He decided to return to Yayula.

     “Why are you back?” asked Mrs. Brooks.

     “I’m not going back to the Texas.  I’m staying here with you two.”

     “You can’t.  What about the Texas?” asked Mr. Brooks.

     “They will be fine, however, I must notify Captain Leno of my decision.”

     Commander Brooks went inside the house to contact Captain Leno.

     “How are your parents?” asked Leno.

     “They are much better.  I must inform you that I am leaving the Texas to stay here with my parents,” answered Brooks.

     “You’re leaving Starfleet!”

     “Yes, sir.”

     Captain Leno was shocked to hear Commander Brooks’ resignation.

     “We will miss you on the Texas,” stated Leno.

     “I will return to the ship to gather my stuff.”

     “I am coming to Yayula at once.”

Chapter 8


     Captain Leno, Ben, and Kamara took a transport ship to Yayula.

     “I can’t believe you are serious about leaving Starfleet,” stated Leno.

     “I am.  My family needs me more than the ship,” replied Brooks.

     “I will have to promote Jones to Commander and Ray to Lieutenant Commander.”

     “They deserve it.”

     “We will meet up with the Texas near Halol.  You will gather your stuff and I will bring you back here.”

     “That is acceptable.”

     Captain Leno and Commander Brooks boarded the shuttle with Ben and Kamara.  They returned to the Texas.  Commander Brooks gathered his stuff.


Captain’s Log Stardate: 53078.7


     Commander Brooks has resigned from Starfleet leaving me to promote Lieutenant Commander Jones to Commander and my first officer and Lieutenant Ray to Lieutenant Commander and my second officer.


     “I have gathered all the crew to sadly say I am leaving the Texas to be with my family.  I will miss you all,” stated Brooks.

     Commander Brooks and Captain Leno boarded the shuttle and left the ship.

     “That went better than I thought,” stated Brooks.

     “They were shocked just like myself.  They didn’t know what to say or do,” answered Leno.

     The shuttle continued a path towards Yayula.


Captain’s Log Stardate: 53087.9


     Commander Brooks and I are arriving to Yayula, where I will drop him off.


     “Alex, we are arriving to Yayula,” stated Brooks.


     “I have gathered my stuff.”

     “We are entering the orbit.

     They beamed to Yayula, near Brooks’ new residence.  A house next door to his parents.

     “I hate to see you go,” stated Leno.

     “I am needed here,” replied Brooks.

     “I have put in a request that you be made the Yayula ambassador to Federation.  You’ll only have to leave about six weeks a year.”

    “Thank you.  Call me if you ever need an ambassador.  That will be much easier on my parents.”

     “Count on it.  I have to return to the ship.”

     Captain Leno returned to the Texas.  He announced the promotions at a senior staff meeting.  Commanders Jones and Donald would be responsible for during a crew survey.

     “What happened with Mozalzo?” asked Leno.

     “I had a security team with Ambassador Levoz.  The government kidnapped Lieutenant Dayan and Nash.  I ordered the Texas to red alert and fired reduced phasers at the building in which they being kept.  The building had very minor damage.  The Mozalzo ship was coming at us, however, they ended up returning to the planet.”

     “I was checking to make sure you didn’t do anything wrong.  I can’t se anything you did wrong.  The Mozalzo government has contacted Admiral Solavo and has apologized for kidnapping Nash and Dayan.  No future contact will be made with Mozalzo.

     “You did a good job with the missions.  You got back Lieutenants Nash and Dayan, prevented a war with Mozalzo, and a successful scientific mission.”

     “Thank you, captain. I will do my best as your first officer.”

     “I know you will.”


Captain’s Log Stardate: 53095.7


     I have accepted Commander Jones’ version of the events at Mozalzo.  Future contact with the Mozalzo will not be made.  I have new first and second officers.  Lieutenant Commander Ray will take over for Commander Jones at Tactical.  We have nearly completed our mission to Halol.  After we have completed this mission, we will proceed with our next mission.  I have also promoted Ensign Murphy to Lieutenant.


     “The away team reports that the reports the science mission was a success,” reported Ray.

     “Beam them up and proceed with the next mission.”