Full Name: Anne Donald
Birthday: 2330
Birthplace: Earth
Captain Eric Dunn (2299)
     Mother: Betty Grey-Dunn (2304)
     Brother: Lieutenant Commander Frank Dunn (2333)
          Sister-In-Law: Lieutenant Commander Veronica Sills-Dunn (2335)
     Brother: Lieutenant Commander William Dunn (2337)
          Sister-In-Law: Lieutenant Commander Emily Norris-Dunn (2339)
     Sister: Lieutenant Karen Dunn-Hubbard (2339)
          Brother-In-Law: Raymond Hubbard (2341)
     Sister: Carol Dunn-Nelson (2341)
          Brother-In-Law: Victor Nelson (2343)
Species: Human/Betazed
Martial Status: Married to Keith Donald (2339)
     Son: Lieutenant Jeff Donald (2353)
     Son: Ensign Kenneth Donald (2359)
Education: Starfleet Academy, 2351-2354
Current Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Current Assignment: Counselor, U.S.S. Texas

2299- Eric Dunn (father) is born
2304- Betty Grey (mother) is born
2330- Born on Earth
2330- Keith Donald (husband) is born
2333- Frank Dunn (brother) is born
2335-2351- lived in California
2335- Veronica Sills (sister-in-law) is born
2337- William Dunn (brother) is born
2339- Emily Norris (sister-in-law) is born
2339- Karen Dunn (sister) is born
2341- Carol Dunn (sister) is born
2341- Raymond Hubbard (brother-in-law) is born
2343- Victor Nelson (brother-in-law) is born
2347- entered Starfleet Academy
2351- graduated Starfleet Academy
2351- married Keith Donald
2351-2362- assigned to Starbase 47

2353- Jeff Donald (son) is born
2358- promoted to Lieutenant
2359- Kenneth Donald (son) is born
2362-2367- assigned to Starbase 79
2367-2373- assigned o Starbase 139
2372- promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2373- assigned to U.S.S. Texas as Counselor