Full Name: Jane Wilson
Birthday: 2348
Birthplace: Austin, Texas on Earth
Admiral Paul Wilson (2320)
     Mother: Captain Barbara Randall-Wilson (2323)
     Brother: Nick Wilson (2345)
          Sister-In-Law: Diana Turner-Wilson (2345)
     Brother: Mario Wilson (2351)
     Brother: Hector Wilson (2354)
     Sister: Tracy Wilson (2357)
Marital Status: Single
Education: Starfleet Academy, 2369-2373
Current Rank: Lieutenant
Current Assignment:
Ops Manager, U.S.S. Texas

2320- Paul Wilson (father) is born
2323- Barbara Randall (mother) is born
2345- Nick Wilson (bother) is born
2345- Diana Turner (sister-in-law) is born
2348- Born in Austin, Texas (Earth)
2351- Mario Wilson (brother) is born
2354- Hector Wilson (brother) is born
2357- Tracy Wilson (sister) is born
2369- Entered Starfleet Academy
2373- Graduated Starfleet Academy
2373- Assigned to U.S.S. Texas as Operations Manager

2376- Promoted to Lieutenant