Full Name: Kamara Leno
Birthday: 2326
Birthplace: Qo'NoS
Jacob Harkins (2303)
     Mother: Kemara (2301_
Siblings: None
Species: Human/Klingon
Marital Status: Married to Captain Alex Leno
     Step-son: Lieutenant Ben Leno
     Step-daughter: Ensign Cindy Leno
Education: Unknown
Current Residence: U.S.S. Texas

2301- Kemara (mother) is born
2303- Jacob Harkins (father) is born
2324- Jacob Harkins (father) married Kemara (mother)
2326- Born on Qo'noS
2331- Moved to Earth
2334- Met Alex Leno
2341- Moved to Vatqu
2373- Came aboard U.S.S. Texas as a resident
2375- Married Captain Alex Leno on the U.S.S. Texas