Full Name: Michael Brooks
Birthday: 2325
Birthplace: Yayula
     Father: Captain Don Brooks (2300-2376)
     Mother: Mary Daltman-Brooks (2303-2376)
Captain Donald Brooks (2330)
     Sister: Commander Beverly Brooks-Erickson (2327)
          Brother-In-Law: Paul Erickson (2324)
     Sister: Lieutenant Commander Sarah Brooks-Hayes (2332)
          Brother-In-Law: Donald Hayes (2339)
Species: Human
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Education: Starfleet Academy, 2344-2348
Rank: Ambassador
Current Assignment: U.S.S. Texas

2300- Don Brooks (father) is born
2303- Mary Daltman (mother) is born
2324- Paul Erickson (brother-in-law) is born
2325- Born on Yayula
2327- Beverly Brooks (sister) is born
2329-2335- lived in California
2330- Donald Brooks (brother) is born
2332- Sarah Brooks (sister) is born
2335-2344- lived in Florida
2339- Donald Hayes (brother-in-law) is born
2344- Entered Starfleet Academy
2348- Graduated Starfleet Academy
2356- Promoted to Lieutenant
2362- Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2369- Promoted to Commander
2373-2376- Assigned as First Officer of U.S.S. Texas
2376- Resigned from Starfleet
2376- Became Ambassador of Yayula