Full Name: Peter Hall
Birthday: 2334
Birthplace: Earth 
Admiral Alfred Hall
     Mother: Ret. Admiral Martha Hughes-Hall
Lieutenant Commander Mark Hall
          Sister-In-Law: Lieutenant Commander Kimberly Martin-Hall
     Sister: Lieutenant Commander Patricia Hall-Hamilton
          Brother-In-Law: Admiral Jason Hamilton
Species: Human
Marital Status: Married to Audrey Hancock-Hall
Chris Hall (2362)
     Daughter: Linda Hall (2368)
Education: Starfleet Academy, 2352-2356
Current Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Current Assignment: Chief Engineer, U.S.S. Texas

2295- Alfred Hall (father) is born
2300- Martha Hughes (mother) is born
2320- Jason Hamilton (brother-in-law) is born
2329- Alfred Hall (father) married Martha Hughes (mother)
2334- Born on Earth
2338- Mark Hall (brother) is born
2338- Audrey Hancock (wife) is born
2341- Kimberly Martin (sister-in-law) is born
2342- Patricia Hall (sister) is born
2344- 2349- Lived in New York
2349-2352- Lived in Ohio
2352- Entered Starfleet Academy
2356- Graduated Starfleet Academy
2356-2372- Assigned to U.S.S. Lexington as engineer
2358- Married Audrey Hancock
2362- Promoted to Lieutenant
Chris Hall (son) is born
Linda Hall (daughter) is born
2370- Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2373- Assigned to U.S.S. Texas as Chief Engineer
2375- Saved the Texas by repairing a warp core breach on the ship on Stardate: 52650.7