Full Name: Steve Adams
Birthplace: Unknown
Ret. Admiral Frank Adams (2289)
     Mother: Ret. Captain Tracy Cummings-Adams (2294)
     Sister: Admiral Anita Adams-Hodge (2314)
          Brother-In-Law: David Hodge (2320)
     Sister: Admiral Laura Howell (2321)
          Brother-In-Law: Ron Howell (2328)
     Sister: Linda Adams-Roy (2327)
          Brother-In-Law: James Roy (2330)
Species: Human
Marital Status: Lieutenant Commander Karen Tyler-Adams (2316)
     Son: Cadet Charles Adams (2354)
     Daughter: Daughter: Ensign Kim Adams  (2348)
     Daughter: Ensign Carol Adams (2352)
     Daughter: Judy Adams (2363)
Education: Starfleet Academy, 2336-2344
Current Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Current Assignment: Chief Medical Officer, U.S.S. Texas

2289- Frank Adams (father) is born
2294- Tracy Cummings (mother) is born
2312- Frank Adams (father) married Tracy Cummings (mother)
2314- Anita Adams (sister) is born
2316- Karen Tyler (wife) is born
2318- Born
2320- David Hodge (brother-in-law) is born
2321- Laura Adams (sister) is born
2327- Linda Adams (sister) is born
2328- Ron Howell (brother-in-brother) is born
2330- James Roy (brother-in-law) is born
2332- Moved to San Francisco, California
2336- Entered Starfleet Academy
2345- Married Karen Tyler
2348- Kim Adams (daughter) is born
2348- Graduated Starfleet Academy
2348-2373- Assigned to Starbase 29 as a doctor
2351- Promoted to Lieutenant
2352- Carol Adams (daughter) is born
2354- Charles Adams (son) is born
2359- Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2363- Judy Adams (daughter) is born
2373- Assigned to U.S.S. Texas as Chief Medical Officer